Trillion Dollar Highway Plans
= Multiple Bypass Surgery
a state by state list
High Priority Corridors
specified by Congress in 1991, 1995, 1998, 2005, 2012
NAFTA Superhighways
Corridors of the Future
J. Edgar Hoover Parkway: transportation surveillance,
mileage taxes, RFID & video tolling
Paving Appalachia:
Corridor A to X in AL, GA, MD, MS, NC, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV
Alabama Nebraska
Alaska Nevada
Arizona New Hampshire
Arkansas New Jersey
California New Mexico
Colorado New York
Connecticut North Carolina
Delaware North Dakota
Florida Ohio
Georgia Oklahoma
Hawai'i Oregon
Idaho Pennsylvania
Illinois Rhode Island
Indiana South Carolina
Iowa South Dakota
Kansas Tennessee
Kentucky Texas
Louisiana Utah
Maine Vermont
Maryland Virginia
Massachusetts Washington
Michigan Washington, D.C.
Minnesota West Virginia
Mississippi Wisconsin
Missouri Wyoming

High Priority Corridor 1: North-South Corridor
I-49, I-130, I-540, US 71


High Priority Corridor 18: NAFTA Superhighway
I-69, I-94, I-530, Routes 59, 77, 281, 82, 61, 51, Purchase Parkway, I-164, Indiana 37

Corridor from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, through Port Huron, Michigan, southwesterly along Interstate Route 69 through Indianapolis, Indiana, through Evansville, Indiana, Memphis, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Shreveport / Bossier Louisiana, to Houston, Texas, and to the Lower Rio Grande Valley at the border between the United States and Mexico, as follows: [I-69]

  1. In Michigan, the corridor shall be from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, southwesterly along Interstate Route 94 to the Ambassador Bridge interchange in Detroit, Michigan.
  2. In Michigan and Illinois, the corridor shall be from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, through Detroit, Michigan, westerly along Interstate Route 94 to Chicago, Illinois.
  3. In Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana, the Corridor shall--
    1. follow the alignment generally identified in the Corridor 18 Special Issues Study Final Report; and
    2. include a connection between the Corridor east of Wilmar, Arkansas, and west of Monticello, Arkansas, to Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  4. In the Lower Rio Grande Valley, the Corridor shall-
    1. include United States Route 77 from the Rio Grande River to Interstate Route 37 at Corpus Christi, Texas, and then to Victoria, Texas, via United States Route 77; [I-69 East]
    2. include United States Route 281 from the Rio Grande River to Interstate Route 37 and then to Victoria, Texas, via United States Route 59; [I-69 Central] and
    3. include the Corpus Christi North-side Highway and Rail Corridor from the existing intersection of United States Route 77 and Interstate Route 37 to United States Route 181, including FM511 from United States Route 77 to the Port of Brownsville.
  5. In Kentucky, the corridor shall utilize the existing Purchase Parkway from the Tennessee State line to Interstate 24.


High Priority Corridor 37: United States Route 90

Route 90 upgrade to I-49, Lafayette to I-10 in New Orleans.

The I-310 highway, built mostly through swampland, would connect to this corridor. I-310 was challenged on environmental impacts but was built anyway. Some highway proponents cite this project as an environmentally sensitive construction ("end on construction" - the highway was built from one section to the next without fill dirt). However, the nature of the swamps in the path precluded piling massive amounts of fill dirt and construction equipment would have been stuck if they didn't use each section as a staging platform to build the next one. Ultimately, rising oceans (from climate change) and sinking swamps (from wetland destruction and possibly from oil and gas extraction underground) threaten the long term viability of these roads.


High Priority Corridor 44: Highway 1

The Louisiana Highway 1 corridor from Grand Isle, Louisiana, along Louisiana Highway 1, to the intersection with United States Route 90.


High Priority Corridor 72 (same as Corridor 1)

High Priority Corridor 73: Route 1 Energy Corridor (same as Corridor 44)

High Priority Corridor 74: Louisiana 28 Corridor

The Louisiana 28 corridor from Fort Polk to Alexandria, Louisiana.


New Orleans

Vieux Carré Expressway (stopped), would have gone through French Quarter


I-310 (number for canceled French Quarter expressway, number used for completed bypass west of New Orleans built through swampland)