Lane County, Oregon: Peak VMT was 2003

Eugene and Springfield: Regional Transportation Plan includes over a billion dollars in highway expansions

Oregon Highway Plans: $18 billion
Portland's highway history
Portland Western Bypass
Columbia River Crossing: 16 lane I-5
Salem I-305 - new bridge
Medford 62 Bypass
Bend Porkway - US 97 upgrade

new highways under construction:
Newberg Dundee Bypass
Sunrise Highway: Clackamas County

Lane County: Eugene, Springfield
West Eugene Porkway: 1951 - 2007
Beltline I-5: super-sized interchange
Beltline: 11 lane widening plans
Troubled Bridges Over Water (I-5)
Springfield: 126 freeway upgrade
126 widening: Eugene to Veneta

Alaska Pipeline powers Oregon's motors, nearing "low flow" shutdown

Oregon Carbon Tax: OR Constitution requires spending on Highway Funds

VMT peaked Lane County 2003

Eugene Beltline: 11 lane widening plans

Springfield: new interchanges on 126 - Main Street and 52nd


Eugene's Highway History


West Eugene Porkway:
original plan in 1951 - "No Build" selected in 2007

West Eugene Transportation, Land and Neighborhood Design Solutions (WETLANDS)

The WEP would have violated every applicable federal environmental law, especially Section 4(f) of the Transportation Act, which prohibits federally funded transportation through parklands.

Roosevelt Freeway (1951): original route for WEP

1959 plan: Beltline along the ridge line in South Eugene, connecting to 30th Avenue

1967 highway plan:

1978: Whiteaker Bypass, along 6th and 7th

widened Ferry Street bridge: stopped in 1990s